WordPress or Blogger: Best Blogging Platform in 2019?

When it comes to blogging, there are plenty of options available but one question which is constant from years is: Blogger vs WordPress – Which is better? Anyways, first let me name you few blogging options:

  1. WordPress
  2. Blogger
  3. Tumblr
  4. Gator

These are just the few name i took. There are plenty of options other than this. But when it comes to famous blogging platforms, they are just two. Should i name them? I think i don’t need to. Let’s name it for the ones who are not aware of it. Blogger and WordPress.

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Now, the question is which one is best blogging platform? Or you can say which one is better for you. I will help you in that. First of all let me make it very clear you will find tons of articles regarding this on Google. But this one will be little different. As i have been using Blogger since 7 years and now i am on WordPress. So this article will be purely on my experience.


As i told you i have been using blogger since 7 years. To be true i loved it till the time i used WordPress. Blogger is a blogging platform from Google and that is the biggest advantage and disadvantage of it. It will be your blog but owner of that blog will be Google. As they have the right to shut it down whenever they want. The biggest problem of blogger is it’s limitations. Have a look at them:

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No doubt, these limitations will not bother you in starting but this will at some point of time. When it comes to appearance, Blogger has very few templates and that too are not at all professional looking templates. One thing which can be in favor of Blogger is cost. You don’t need to spend a penny to start your blog. But you need to comprise with a subdomain. Your blog address will be (www.example.blogspot.com). Anytime you can get your domain but that will cost you. One major thing which Google provide us is Hosting and that too with a security of Google and that too free. A great thumps up for this.

Let’s say you have a blog on Blogger. Don’t you want that blog to be on Google’s first page? I am sure, You do. But you need to have a good knowledge of SEO for that. Because there is no such feature which can help or suggest you in SEO tips. You will be limited into just blogging without SEO, you certainly can’t give a feel of a website to your blog through blogger.


Now coming up to WordPress. Firstly, let me make it clear there are two WordPress available. (WordPress.com and WordPress.org). We will not get into (WordPress.com) as it’s not the platform we are talking about. It’s (WordPress.org). It’s a self hosted open source software which is free. But we need to purchase a hosting for that in which we need to install WordPress. You must be thinking, why should we purchase hosting if we can get it for free in Blogger? Let me explain you like this, Have you ever thought of running your business? If yes, then you must be aware of that a business needs investment. So do WordPress. It is not less than a business you are doing online.

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Now when you have hosting for your WordPress blog. You are the owner now, you have access to everything you want without any limitations unlike Blogger. You have plenty of free themes which are lot better than Blogger templates. More over this, WordPress do have a premium themes which can give your blog a look of a website but that will cost you some more penny. Unlike Blogger we don’t get a security of Google but WordPress is not a way behind. It has plenty of plugins which can secure your blog in WordPress.

Plugins are the best feature of WordPress which can make you do anything you want. Even they can help you create your online E-commerce website. Just imagine, you can’t even think of this till you are in Blogger. There are plugins available which provide you tips in SEO and this make it easier to write SEO friendly articles.

The Verdict:

So, now when I have told you about both the platforms. Let me help you in selecting one of them too. I would suggest, if you are planning to just start blogging as a hobby or a learning. Go for Blogger, try many things out there. Try to take your blog to a success. But when you think you are purely into blogging and now want to earn some amount of money with that. Just switch to WordPress. I didn’t mean Blogger can’t make you earn money but Blogger can’t provide you professionalism. You need that for doing a blogging business.

And, if you are planning to start a business website. Just close your eyes and buy a best hosting for installing WordPress. You can go for Bluehost or Siteground hosting which is also recommended by WordPress. You can’t go wrong with either of the hosting.

So this is it. Do tell us which platform Blogger or WordPress you prefer and feel free to ask your questions in comment section below.

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